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I am having problem when trying to assign a value to a variable in a loop. It will be like using variable inside a variable. So I created an array to add the values still something is not right.

Please take a look at the following KornShell (ksh) script and let me know where did I mess up

set -A array $1 $2 $3
set -A values
typeset -i a

for files in ${array[@]}
cd ~/shell_lib
ls | grep $files
${values[$a]}="$(cksum $files)" 

echo ${values[@]}


$ ./intarray.sh forall.sh name.sh 
./intarray.sh[12]: =3311936491 251 forall.sh:  not found
./intarray.sh[12]: =3294813710 338 name.sh:  not found

The file is there and it has done the cksum, but still it says not found! I can not understand what is wrong! Any insight?

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${values[$a]}="$(cksum $files)"

This is almost certainly not what you want. Try:

values[$a]="$(cksum $files)" 

${array[index]} refers to the value of the (still empty) array entry, so the original line results in the shell trying to execute ="$(cksum $files)".

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+1 also change a=$1+1 to let a+=1 –  glenn jackman Apr 25 '12 at 18:48

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