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I probably suck as Googling stuff, but I couldn't find any link that mentioned whether its possible to integrate with Oracle's coherance product.

Does anyone know if has wrapper libraries for the same ?

Thanks in advance.

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The spring integration project for .net is still listed as a extension project, it's status is "incubator" and it hasn't had any commits since March 2010.

From the project homepage:

The Spring Integration for .NET project will use the design and code base of the Spring Integration project as a basis, adapting the code as need to support .NET idioms and move in the direction to take advantage of .NET only features such as Lambda expressions and extension methods.

I'd suggest you first find out if Spring Integration for Java supports Oracle's Coherance and if so, you might have a slight chance to get this working in .NET too.

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Oracle Coherence provides a native .NET client that you can use to access it from any .NET application, including Spring.NET-based apps.

Here is a link to docs:

What you are interested in is covered in the Client Guide (Parts I and IV) and .NET API Reference.

My book, Oracle Coherence 3.5, also has two chapters on .NET and POF (Portable Object Format), as well as a full blown WPF sample application talking to a Coherence Java backend.

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