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Given Google drive is brand spanking new. I expect there will be lots of changes, more documentation, new code examples, changes in the API. Is there some sort of mailing list or ??? I can use to stay on top of these updates?



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The Google Drive SDK has no mailing list. All questions are handled on Stack Overflow, under the google-drive-sdk tag.

For updates about changes to the SDK, subscribe to the Google Apps Developer Blog. Our standard practice is to post about all updates there.

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As far as I know there isn't really a mailing list. However, Google does provide many sources for content related to Google Drive. Here is a list:

Google Blog - Introducing Google Drive... yes, really

Twitter - @google

Google Drive Product Forums - Ask, Report, Share

Google Drive SDK - Develop Application Support for Google Drive

Google Drive Help - Customer and Developer

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You could do what I did.

Just hover your mouse on the google-drive-sdk tag. You will see two options. Choose between email/RSS.

Attached is the image.

Edit: Corrected the link

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