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Is it possible to pass somehow unspecialized template class as a template parameter to std::array? Something similar to that:

template <class T>
class Field{

std::array<Field> a;

Or I have to define some BaseField, and sublass it as a IntField, StringField, FloatField.... ?

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No, Field isn't a type, Field<int> and Field<float> are types. – Bo Persson Apr 25 '12 at 18:30

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You can write a template that takes a template as a parameter (aka, a template template parameter). The template has to be written specifically to take a template as a parameter to allow it though, and std::array isn't specified to do that.

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You can get pretty close with C++11, using an alias template:

template <typename T>
struct Field {}; 

template <typename T>
using FieldArray5 = std::array<Field<T>,5>;

int main() {

  FieldArray5<int> a0;


But bear in mind that std::array needs a template argument for the size too.

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If you want an std::array to hold different types, it can only be done through polymorphism. You can also use boost::any that hides that polymorphism from you but still implements it.

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"Only" is putting it a bit strong... – ildjarn Apr 25 '12 at 18:33

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