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We have a WPF Application that runs from both desktop and as a XBAP application.For the desktop application log4net based logging is provided.Now the thing is that log4net may not work on the XBAP version.So I am looking for some possible solution for logging.Has anyone done anything in the area? Suggestion are welcome.I'm looking for something simple if possible.I already have a AOP framework.

I plan to check if my app is xbap

if (System.Windows.Interop.BrowserInteropHelper.IsBrowserHosted) {
{Do some kinda smart logging that works with xbap?}
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I assume from your question that your not using FullTrust mode. So, can you not use Log4Net or nLog and push to a WCF service?

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I am using full trust and i have log4net but how to push log and how to write log ? xbap = cache folder my logging to log file... –  abmv Nov 15 '09 at 7:58

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