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I'm using the HttpSocket request method of CakePHP to perform some requests to some api. I want to send some parameters with my request. Does anybody know how I can send some parameters using that method? For example, let's say I'm sending a request to this url:

but I wanna send parameter to this request for example:

username: smith123
password: qwerty

If I were to do this with Ajax, I would do something like:

$.post('', {username: "smith123", password: "qwerty"}, 'json');

How do I send those parameters (also the type of data expected as specified in the ajax example above) to using the request method of the HttpSocket class of CakePHP

Please help

Thank you

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I think you would want to use the get or post method, not request, which is the base method.

You can pass parameters in the second argument of the get method as either a string or an array:

App::import('Core', 'HttpSocket');
$HttpSocket = new HttpSocket();
$results = $HttpSocket->get('', 'q=cakephp');
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