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What sort of registration frameworks are available for C / C++ applications? I'm looking for a library that will handle the cryptographic verification of license and registration keys to enable the full features of an application, and optionally disable features after a specified time interval has elapsed.

For example, on the Mac one might use AquaticPrime, which uses RSA to generate and verify license keys. However, this is Mac only, so it's of limited use for cross-platform applications. Specifically, I need to handle Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Open-source is best, but closed-source solutions are fine. Any ideas?

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Good question, I'm curious myself. The tag c-c++ should really be "c" and then a separate tag "c++" –  Doug T. Sep 19 '08 at 15:59

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FlexLM is the standard in the graphics/engineering world. Closed source, quite expensive. Currently owned by Macrovision.

RLM is a rather recent company that was started by former employees of the company that made FlexLM. Also closed source, but much more reasonable than FlexLM, in a number of ways. Tell them I sent you.. :)

These are both on the high end of the pricerange (probably less than 5K), but are extremely flexible, and they work on more platforms than you're looking to support. For example, they do floating licenses, internet activation, license checkouts, etc, etc.

I've also had success with rolling my own using crypto++. Mine had less features, but was useful as a stopgap.

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Thanks for the introduction to RLM. I'd investigated License Managers recently and somehow this one never hit the radar! –  SAMills Feb 9 '09 at 18:45

Cryp Key - I have used this solution for 4-5 different products and have been quite successful with them. http://www.crypkey.com/

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I've used WiBu Codemeter which is has a hardware dongle and software-only licensing implementation (CodeMeter CmAct), is relatively cheap, has many features, and is very hard to get around. The hardware version is more secure than the software-only version.

My company has its own custom licensing system as well, but we are considering moving more products to the WiBu system.

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Not only with hardware dongles: There's also a software/activation based protection system ("CmActLicense"). –  ur. Apr 5 '13 at 9:57
@ur. That's correct, I've actually used it since writing this answer, so I've edited it in. –  Joris Timmermans Apr 5 '13 at 12:11

Kagi has a solution and also handles payments

Another solution is eSellerate

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Kagi doesn't seem to have a Linux client; I need Windows, Mac, and Linux. –  Stephen Deken Sep 19 '08 at 16:15

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