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I have a Win32 application and i want to Add a DateTimePicker Control, like the one in .NET. I though don't want to include the whole Framework in my application, nor MFC or whatever.

How can I add the native control in a Way with the least amount of dependencies?

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Start Here

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Its much simpler than i thought! After adding a Date-Time-Control to the dialog ressource in the Visual Stuoresource Editor, all you have to do is calling Sending Messages DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME and DTM_GETSYSTEMTIME to set the initial and get the modified value. No additional Code. – RED SOFT ADAIR Jun 23 '09 at 13:47

You can use CreateWindow and "SysDateTimePick32" as the class name.

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See the MSDN documentation for Using Date and Time Picker Controls

EDIT: Ignore my previous reply, there actually is a Win32 class for this.

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