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I have string of the following form:

भन्‍‌ने [-0.4531954191090929, 0.7931147934270654, -0.3875088408737827, -0.09427394940704822, 0.10065554475134718, -0.22044284832864797, 0.3532556916833505, -1.8256229909222224, 0.8036832111904731, 0.3395868096795993]

Whereever [ or ] or , char are present , I just want to remove them and i want each of the word and float separated by a space. It is follows:

भन्‍‌ने -0.4531954191090929 0.7931147934270654 -0.3875088408737827 -0.09427394940704822 0.10065554475134718 -0.22044284832864797 0.3532556916833505 -1.8256229909222224 0.8036832111904731 0.3395868096795993

I am representing each of these string as line. i did following:

line.replaceAll("([|]|,)$", " ");

But it didn't work for me. There was nothing change in the input line. Any help is really appreciated.

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Why not just do 3 replaceAll calls, one for each character you want to remove? –  Dan W Apr 25 '12 at 20:03
regex is more performatic than a loop, but I agree, a loop is less complex. –  user1352498 Apr 25 '12 at 20:04

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Strings are immutable. Try

line = line.replaceAll("([|]|,)$", " ");

Or to be a bit more verbose, but avoiding regular expressions:

char subst = ' ';
line = line.replace('[', subst).replace(']', subst).replace(',', subst);
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In Java, strings are immutable, meaning that the contents of a string never change. So, calling

line.replaceAll("([|]|,)$", " ");

won't change the contents of line, but will return a new string. You need to assign the result of the method call to a variable. For instance, if you don't care about the original line, you can write

line = line.replaceAll("([|]|,)$", " ");

to get the effect you originally expected.

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still it not working with me :( –  thetna Apr 25 '12 at 20:10

[ and ] are special characters in a regular expression. replaceAll is expected a regular expression as its first input, so you have to escape them.

String result = line.replaceAll("[\\[\\],]", " ");

Cannot tell what you were trying to do with your original regex, why you had the $ there etc, would need to understand what you were expecting the things you put there to do.

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line = "asdf [foo, bar, baz]".replaceAll("(\\[|\\]|,)", "");

The regex syntax uses [] to define groups like [a-z] so you have to mask them.

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