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I have long a text file where each line looks something like /MM0001 (Table(12,)) or /MM0015 (Table(11,)). I want to keep only the four-digit number next to /MM. If it weren't for the "table(12,)" part I could just strip all the non-numeric characters, but I don't know how to extract the four-digit numbers only. Any advice on getting started?

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If it's exactly that format, you could just print out line[3:7]

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if each line starts with /MM then just go through the file and print out line[3:7] e.g.

for line in file:
    print line[3:7]
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You could parse text line by line and then use 4th to 7th char of every line. ln[3:7]

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import re
for line in file:
    if L:
       print L.group(1)

or, more succinctly...

lines=[R.match(line).group(1) for line in file]  #works if the lines are guaranteed to start with \MM

This should give you only the integers following a /MM and should work no matter how long the strings of integers are. If they're guaranteed to be a certain length, then you're better off with one of the other examples (which don't use regex).

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