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I've been working on a existing project at a new company and one of the problems we're running into is Javascript code duplication. We're working in Google App Engine, and I have heard of the Django media generator asset manager which seems like it could solve some of our problems. However, after reading through the docs on that page and pages like this one on running Django in Google App Engine, I'm not sure if it is even possible to run django-mediagenerator on Google App engine.

Is it still possible to use django-mediagenerator on Google App Engine? Has the project gone stale? Is there some other media generator that I should be using in app engine?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Django-mediagenerator is developed with app-engine in mind, as you can see in this blog post.

So : yes you can go with it ;-)

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The blog post is nearly two years old though, and refers to app-engine setups using app-engine-patch (discontinued) or django-nonrel (which has not been maintained in almost a year) – NT3RP Apr 26 '12 at 14:21

As an alternative I've had some success using webassets as an asset manager in Google App Engine, although because of the limitations of the production environment its a command line process before deployment.

There's a basic app engine example in the repository, so it's fairly quick to setup.

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