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I had to format and start over yesterday, and I'm trying to get my project up and running again.

I use the signpost library for OAuth authentication. I've imported my project and Eclipse gives me no errors in the text editor. However, when I run my app and hit the oauth code, my app bombs with the following error:

04-25 15:07:04.485: E/dalvikvm(344): Could not find class 'oauth.signpost.commonshttp.CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer', referenced from method

The project seems to find the jar files just fine. They show up in the Java Build Path -> Libraries tab.

I'm not really sure what I'm missing here. Ideas?

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My guess is that this error is related to ADT 17. Its expected to put the jars into the libs folder now. If you dont do that go to configure build path->Order and Export. Click the checkbox for your jar.

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My jar files are directly inside the project's directory. I have gone to Properties > Java Build Path > Order and Export tab > and checked the library's files (two jars and a folder). I then did a clean... and built the project. Everything is now working. Thank you. – Andrew Apr 25 '12 at 20:39

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