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I am seeing a scenario where my locale parameter is getting duplicated once I step into a mountable app. My app looks like so:


resources :blogs

scope "(:locale)" do
  mount Auth::Engine => '/auth'

If I am at a blogs page and look at an auth link it looks like this /en-us/auth/signout which works well, but as soon as I load into any page rendered by the mountable app, for example the profile page /en-us/auth/myprofile', the sign out link now looks like /en-us/auth/signout?locale=en-us

I don't want the querystring getting cluttered, what is causing the app to correctly set the locale parameter and then duplicate it in the querystring?

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my bet is that your application controller has something like:

def set_locale
  # code here

def default_url_options
  # code here

Since your engine controller inherits from application controller, set_locale may be triggered twice.

Potential Solution: Check if the code is in an engine, then don't trigger locale setting.

This can be done with: self.controller_path().split("/").first == engine_name

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I had the same problem. I was setting the default url options on the controller (by redefining default_url_options or by using self.default_url_options=).

The solution was to use Rails.application.routes.default_url_options = instead.

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