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I have several html paragraph of text, i want to go through every paragraph within .content, and if it contains the word "Hello" or "hello" (or any variation of case), i want to make ONLY that word blue. And the same for "Goodbye" except make it red.

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You can use a jQuery plugin called highlight for that.


A slight modified version to work with different styles.

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This seems to only allow one highlight class. I need red and blue –  Tallboy Apr 25 '12 at 20:43
Check the update or go here –  Michael D. Irizarry Apr 25 '12 at 20:53

I have a plugin that makes this easy, here's a fiddle:


Since there's literally no documentation on this plugin, I figured i should post some.

$(selector).highlightText(string, class, onlyfullmatches)

string can be any string or regular expression. If it is a string, it will be not be case-sensitive, meaning hello will match HeLlO. If it is a regexp, it will be used as-is.

class can be a single class, or a space delimited list of classes.

onlyfullmatches should be a boolean value, defaulted to false. If true, the plugin will only match full matches, not partial matches. For example, if it is false, hello will match the string hellow.

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Iterate through each p tag, check for text, assign css:

jsFiddle( )

$('p').each( function(index)
    replaceWithColors( $(this) , "hello" , "blue" );
    replaceWithColors( $(this) , "goodbye" , "red" );

function replaceWithColors( object , word , color )
    var index = $(object).html().toLowerCase().indexOf( word );  

    if ( index > -1 )
        var before = $(object).html().substring( 0 , index );
        var theWord = $(object).html().substring( index , index + word.length );
        var after = $(object).html().substring( index + word.length );

        $(object).html( before + "<span style='color:" + color + "'>" + theWord + "</span>" + after);

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That seems to highlight the entire paragraph red (the paragraph will have many words in it. I only want to create that single word a certain color). Or rather, i could just assign wrap it with a span that has a class and that would probably be good too because then i will just style in CSS –  Tallboy Apr 25 '12 at 20:45
@Tallboy cleaned it up and made a method you can use for more words. –  Jonathan Payne Apr 25 '12 at 21:02

You can do this without the need for a plugin:

$("p").each(function() {
    if ($(this).children().length == 0) {
        var txt = $(this).text();
        var blue = /hello/i.exec(txt);
        var red = /goodby/i.exec(txt);
        if (blue) {
            $(this).html(txt.replace(/hello/i, '<span class="blue">' + blue + '</span>'));
        } else if (red) {
            $(this).html(txt.replace(/goodbye/i, '<span class="red">' + red + '</span>'));


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For highlighting the whole line:

$("div:contains('hello')").css("color", "blue");

EDIT: Since the question was changed to highlighting the word only, you can find the answer for example here: Highlight a word with jQuery or simply use plugins mentioned by others.

EDIT: Or simply like that:

​$("div"​)​.each(function() {
    this.innerHTML = this.innerHTML.replace(/(hello)/g, "<span style='color: red'>$1</span>");
    this.innerHTML = this.innerHTML.replace(/(goodbye)/g, "<span style='color: blue'>$1</span>");

To ignore but to preserve case use /(hello)/ig regular expressions.

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It would be better to add a class, so that styles could be reused. –  Brad Apr 25 '12 at 20:38
This makes the entire selection blue. I'd like to make only that word blue and leave rest of paragraph alone –  Tallboy Apr 25 '12 at 20:39
OK. Then you can simply use replace or plugins mentioned by other guys. –  VisioN Apr 25 '12 at 20:44

something like this

$('p').each(function() {
    var html = $(this).html().replace(/L/gi, function(str) {
        var cls;
        if (str == str.toLowerCase()) {
            cls = 'blue';
        } else if (str == str.toUpperCase()) {              
            cls = 'red'; 
        return '<span class="' + cls + '">' + str + '</span>';



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