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I have a small problem using github. I mainly try to work with branches, and merge code back in the master as soon as I have something working.

Thing is, all my branches in the network view in github show up on the same line, which makes it completely useless. https://github.com/jlengrand/FaceMovie/network

Can you explain me the reason for that?

When creating a branch locally, It does not show up automatically in github. When I perform a

git push -u origin master

It shoes up, but on the same line as the master.

What confuses me is that on my other projects, I don't have this problem, without really knowing what I did differently. https://github.com/jlengrand/FaceMovie/network

Any help would be really appreciated !


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If you merge a branch back to master with no commits hapening on master since you created the branch, it doesn't create a merge commit (i.e. a commit with two parents), but rather it fast-forwards the master branch to the other.

To prevent this, use --no-ff option when merging. This will force the merge commit.

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You might add that many developers prefer the linear history that the OP is seeing as it helps understand the development flow. –  GoZoner Apr 25 '12 at 22:03
Works fine indeed. I still don't get the difference between my two repos though, as I never used this option before. –  jlengrand May 1 '12 at 9:48

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