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I have an existing Ruby On Rails, which works fine (I inherited it).

I need to add some functionality to the application and I built a model and controller and I want a button press to route to the controller.

I figure I need to do something like: <%= form_tag(url_for(:controller => "do_something", :action => "sup"), ...

I have a controller that looks like: class DoSomething < ApplicationController ... end

How do I tell the framework that pushing that button fires the controller?

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You don't fire a controller; you fire an action within that controller.

class SomethingController < ApplicationController
  def panic
    # some code here

Then in your config/routes.rb, have a route that points to that action:

match '/something/panic' => 'something#panic', :as => 'panic_button'

Then in your view file,

button_to 'press me in emergency', panic_button_path


button_to 'press me in emergency', '/something/panic'
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This was 100% what I was missing, thanks! – user1357182 May 3 '12 at 2:50

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