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Is there a way to have a custom error page while maintaining the HTTP error code (not capturing the error with an error page that itself has a 200 code)? Can that have to be done using the in web.xml or can I do that directly in the JSP?

If I send an HTTP error code using response.sendError then no other text appears on the page. I am able to get text on the page using out.println() but it doesn't seem to be able to print out html, just basic text.

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You should use response.setStatus(int statusCode) to set the status to 404 while still allowing you to send your custom error page.

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Thanks. Now I can get an HTML page with an HTTP error without redirecting to a separate error page. – user994165 Apr 27 '12 at 20:53

Yes in your web.xml you can configure error codes with the 'error-page' tag and child elements of 'error-code' and 'location'

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