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I am having a great deal of trouble deploying a django website written for 1.3 behind apache using django 1.4 and wsgi. There is also a wordpress site running on the same domain too. Ideally I would like to have django site running on [domain]/app/.

Does anybody have any links to a good tutorial. I am having a lot of trouble working out where to put file. It keeps saying it cannot find it.

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When I was recently working to deploy my first django project, I found this tutorial helpful. It independently tests if django and wsgi are working using simple "hello world" applications for each and gives an example of how to make the file work right. I think it's not really a question of putting in the right place; it's more a question of telling Apache where is. If you can get the tutorial working it ought to be relatively straightforward to get your full django site working.

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For the Django site, should simply be a matter of having:

WSGIScriptAlias /app /some/path/project/

In other words, the '/app' mount point is used with WSGIScriptAlias instead of '/' that many examples use.

If using login features, you may also need to set LOGIN_URL etc in Django settings file however, as it doesn't automatically incorporate in the mount point.

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