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In my project I made some changes that nothing works now. I cannot find what I changed. However, I use git. I started do it just recently. I want get previous revision of a file without changing current directory. How can I do it?

Edit: I want reverse file to a particular revsion

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To see which files got changed:

git status

To undo changes to a particular file:

git checkout <<FileYouChanged>>

If you want to toss out all changes since the last commit:

git reset --hard HEAD
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You can use 'git checkout .' to undo changes in all files starting from the current directory. –  Sergey K. Apr 27 '12 at 9:53

You can check what you changed with

git status

If you didnt commit yet you can just do

git stash or git reset --hard HEAD

If you did commit but want to keep your changes You can use the command below with x as number of commits you want to reset

git reset --mixed HEAD~x

If you did commit and you want to get rid of your changes do the command above with --hard instead of --mixed

However if you commited & want to get tid of your changes and pushed to an arbitary repository (pushed your changes to another server) dont forget to force push the repository with

git push -f origin branch

To just undo one file use

git checkout filename

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Also use

 git diff 

to find out what those changes are

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