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I have an issue with setting up Google Analytics for a domain with several directories. Here is what I have:

Each of these directories are effectively separate websites, but they all come under My issue is that I've set them up so that is the main account, with site-one, site-two, site-three etc each being a property under that account.

For each of the properties, I have the relevant url. For example:

For the Default URL I have set it to

What I've noticed is that since doing this, I only seem to be getting visits tracked on, but none of the sub-domain properties.

I'm sure there is probably something I'm not doing if anyone can help I would really appreciated it.


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Not totally sure what you exactly want to achieve, you want them all in one report or in different reports? anyway i think this is what you want.

Edit the profile number for each site. UA-12345678-1 UA-12345678-2 UA-12345678-3 UA-12345678-4 UA-12345678-5 UA-12345678-6
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Ah I see, looks like I have the tracking code the same for all directories, so it's just tracking and not treating each directory as it's own profile. Thanks – remi90 Apr 25 '12 at 22:51

You may need to ad _setCookiePath() to your GA call within <head>.

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