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Here's what I have.


Author: Michael Wellman (wellmanm)
Description: Deciphering a document using pennymath.


def decode(inputfile,outputfile):
    **inputfile = open("superDuperTopSecretStudyGuide.txt","rU").read()
    outputfile = open("translatedguide.txt","w")**
    count = 0
    aList = []
    for words in inputfile:
        charCount = len(aList)
        while count<charCount:
            print aList[count],
            if (aList[count].isalpha()):            
               if (ord(aList[count])>90):           
                   count = count + ord(aList[count])-95     
                   count = count + ord(aList[count])-63     
                if (aList[count].isdigit()):       
                   count = count + ord(aList[count])-46             
                   count = count + 6                        

The txt files are from my professor :P

The parts bolded are the most important, I believe.

Any thoughts?

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1 Answer 1

Have you tried running the code?

I think if you would you'd get an error message about the line


See, the doc string for file.write() method clearly states:

write(str) -> None. Write string str to file.

Note that due to buffering, flush() or close() may be needed before the file on disk reflects the data written.

You are supplying it a list instead of a str. Try changing it to




or whatever fits your needs. Also, you never clear the list, so, as you iterate over inputfile, you'll write the first character, then the first and the second, then the first three, etc. Is that intended?

Lastly, you are trying to close inputfile which is actually a str, not a file, because method returns a str.

P.S. Please, never call your variable inputfile if it's a string and words if it's a single character. That will never help anyone.

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It seems to me that 'words' is a single character, so each element of aList is, too; since inputfile is a string. My thoughts are that the code probably doesn't do what it was intended to do, but we don't know what that is. – greggo Apr 25 '12 at 22:07
Oh, yes, you're right. The code is really misleading. I'll edit the answer a little. – Lev Levitsky Apr 25 '12 at 22:09

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