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I have a directory tree which looks like the following:

|- src
| \- stuff
| \- app
|- target
| \- stuff
| \- app

I have the following in a rakefile:

include 'rake/clean'
CLEAN.include 'target'
CLEAN.exclude 'target/stuff'

My intention is to have the tree end up like the following:

|- src
| \- stuff
| \- app
|- target
| \- stuff

Obviously in my example above this could be done with CLEAN.include 'target/app' but my actual layout is more complex.

Is there a way to exclude target/app from getting cleaned but still clean everything else in the target directory? If not, what is the point of having CLEAN.exclude in the api?

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I agree that exclude does not seem to behave as expected. Here's what I did to work around this:

Dir['target/*'].each do |file|
  CLEAN.include file unless file == 'stuff'
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