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I have a kendoGrid and i would like to get the JSON out of it after filtering and sorting how do I achieve this?

something like the following,

var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");

alert(; // I could dig through and I see a function ( .json doen't exist I put it there so you know what i want to achieve )

Thanks any help is greatly appreciated!

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A fiddle would help, but does this get you anywhere? console.log( $("#grid").data("kendoGrid") ); – Marc Apr 25 '12 at 23:26
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I think you're looking for

var displayedData = $("#YourGrid").data().kendoGrid.dataSource.view()

Then stringify it as follows:

var displayedDataAsJSON = JSON.stringify(displayedData);

Hope this helps!

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perfect!!! Thanks!!! :) in my app after digging through the api looking at your example i used $("#YourGrid").data() and $("#YourGrid").data() :) – peplamb May 1 '12 at 20:14
How do you get the datasource (all pages) with the current filters applied? – carter Aug 21 '13 at 16:23
You cant, you can just get the number of all the records via $('#YourGrid').data(), when there is paging applied the records just for that specific page are fetched. – Petur Subev Aug 22 '13 at 7:44

If you want to get all pages of the filtered data you can use this:

var dataSource = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid").dataSource;
var filters = dataSource.filter();
var allData =;
var query = new;
var data = query.filter(filters).data;

Make sure to check if filters exist before trying to apply them or Kendo will complain.

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To get count of all rows in grid


To get specific row items


To get all rows in grid


Json to all rows in grid

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Something like this, to display only data that is being viewed at the moment. Also extended the grid to provide these functions all over the app.

 * Extends kendo grid to return current displayed data
 * on a 2-dimensional array
var KendoGrid = window.kendo.ui.Grid;
KendoGrid.fn.getDisplayedData = function(){
    var items = this.items();
    var displayedData = new Array();
    $.each(items,function(key, value) {
        var dataItem = new Array();
        $(value).find('td').each (function() {
            var td = $(this);
                //element isn't visible, don't show
                return;//continues to next element, that is next td
            if(td.children().length == 0){
                //if no children get text
            } else{
                //if children, find leaf child, where its text is the td content
                var leafElement = innerMost($(this));
    return displayedData;

KendoGrid.fn.getDisplayedColumns = function(){
    var grid = this.element;
    var displayedColumns = new Array();
        var th = $(this);
            //element isn't visible, don't show
            return;//continues to next element, that is next th
        //column is either k-link or plain text like <th>Column</th>
        //so we extract text using this if:
        var kLink = th.find(".k-link")[0];
        } else{

    return displayedColumns;

 * Finds the leaf node of an HTML structure
function innerMost( root ) {
    var $children = $( root ).children();

    while ( true ) {
        var $temp = $children.children();
        if($temp.length > 0) $children = $temp;
        else return $children;
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thanks man!!!!!! – Lakshay Nov 14 '14 at 15:35

For the JSON part, there's a helper function to extract the data in JSON format that can help:

var displayedData = $("#YourGrid").data().kendoGrid.dataSource.view().toJSON()

EDIT: after some errors with the above method due to kendo grid behavior, I found this article that solves the problem: Kendo DataSource view not always return observablearray

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