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This MySQL toolkit does non-blocking table alters:

It has a requirement that the table being altered is not referenced by nor references by a foreign key. I have a table that self-references by foreign key (as well as having FK references to/from other tables)

The author has considerable discussion on possibly doing away with or refining this requirement here and here:

I have a 100M+ record DB that is live in production and am faced with the choice of either temporarily removing FKs or disabling the guard code that this tool has to prevent performing the table alter. ..or finding some other method that works on FKs.

Can anyone with some familiarity of this tool explain why it may not work on tables with FKs and what the possible repercussions are of using it on tables with FKs?

Aside from producing a table that does not have the FKs defined (I can always add them), i don't see how the data would become corrupt.

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Not much time tonight to answer properly, so i'm making comments. Cascading effects of Foreign Keys do not activate triggers in MySQL. So, for your question "why it may not work on tables with FKs", if you have FKs with such effects (e.g. ON CASCADE DELETE), the triggers that the tool creates may not be activated for all operations on the table. If you disable your FKs, for the duration that the tool operates, cascading effects from other tables to the one to be changed (or vice versa) will not be done. In both situations, you may end with loss of integrity in the database. –  ypercube Apr 25 '12 at 22:33
There are probably other issues, for example Inserts (that would not be done if FKs were enabled) that may affect the integrity of your data. –  ypercube Apr 25 '12 at 22:36
I suggest you find the time of day (or week) with lowest traffic, announce it on the front page of your site/board/wall some days in advance so all users know that "on Sunday night, between 03:00 and 04:00 maintenance will be made. The DB/site may be unavailable". Then, prepare, backup, and do the ALTER TABLE the announced time-period. Users will probbaly notice nothing. If they do (and complain), you can refer to the announcement. If the alter(s) take less time than planned, even better, announce "maintenance is over in 30 minutes (than the 60 expected)". Users happy. FKs happy, too. –  ypercube Apr 25 '12 at 22:54

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