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I want to use cancan to allow updating a certain attribute of a model but not others. Here is what my update action looks like.

 class UsersController < ApplicationController

   def update
   respond_with User.update(params[:id], params[:user])

if resource.instance_of? Teacher

 can [:read, :update], User do |user|
   resource.users.include? user

I want Teacher to be able to modify user.course_id but nothing else. How should I change

 can :update, User

to do what I want to.

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Hm.. I"m not sure if the 'action' in a cancan ability has to explicitly be an action in the controller. If it doesn't, you could do...

# ability.rb
if resource.instance_of? Teacher 
  can :update_course, User

# Controller
def update
  params[:user].delete(:course_id) if cannot? :update_course, User
  respond_with User.update(params[:id], params[:user])
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