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I've got a Rails 3.2 app which I've started to attach a lot of knockout.js bindings to. I would like to submit the form in JSON format to my Rails server.

I have a transaction form which has an amount

= form_for(@tran, :html => {"data-bind" => "submit: submitTrans"}) do |f|
        = f.label :date
        = f.date_select :date
        = f.label :voucher
        = f.number_field :voucher
        = f.label :amount
        = f.text_field :amount, "data-bind" => "value: amount, valueUpdate: 'afterkeydown', style: { background: amount() == 0 ? 'red' : 'white' }"
        = f.label :tax
        = f.text_field :tax, "data-bind" => "value: tax"
        = f.submit 'Save'

Here is my knockout code:

#= require knockout

TranViewModel = ->
  # Observables
  self.amount = ko.observable("0")

  # Computed values = ko.computed(
    read: -> (self.amount() / 10).toFixed 2
    write: (value) -> value
    owner: this)

tranViewModel = new TranViewModel()

# Submit through AJAX
self.submitTrans = (formElement) ->
  alert ko.toJSON(tranViewModel)

# Apply keybindings on page load
$(document).ready (event) ->

When I'm using ko.toJSON like this I get 'undefined' returned in my alert box.

Do I have to create an instance of my model? How do I get all my form attributes in JSON format and post these to my rails route '/transaction'?

The knockout documentation describes a pushJSON feature but the page doesn't exist anymore:

Update #1

I tried manually sending the json and this allowed me to create an object

self.submitTrans = (formElement) ->
  json = JSON.parse('{"tran": {"amount": "9999"}}')
  $.post("/trans", json, (returnedData) ->
    alert returnedData)

Update #2

I tried a number of things to get my form into JSON for submitting using $.post

self.submitTrans = (formElement) ->
  json = ko.toJSON(tranViewModel)
  $.post("/trans", json, (returnedData) ->
    alert returnedData)

This comes back as undefined. What do I pass to the ko.toJSON?

Update #3

I tried the example from the knockout website:

viewModel =
    firstName : ko.observable("Bert"),
    lastName : ko.observable("Smith"),
    pets : ko.observableArray(["Cat", "Dog", "Fish"]),
    type : "Customer"

self.submitTrans = (formElement) ->
  json = ko.toJSON(viewModel)
  $.post("/trans", json, (returnedData) ->
    alert returnedData)

This correctly formats the viewModel as JSON. This is because viewModel is an object not a function. If I however change my TranViewModel from a function to an object this breaks a lot of my bindings. Which is the correct way of setting up my bindings? Should they be in an object or a function?

Update #4

My examples: - When clicking submit the ko.toJSON does not collect all formElements, should I be adding observable to all my fields? - Same example as the previous except recoded in coffeescript, now when clicking the submit it only shows the customers last name, and none of the other fields.

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UPDATE 1 So looking at the coffee script provided above in the jsfiddle, there is an issue with the javascript being generated by the coffeescript:

  viewModel = __bind(function() {
    this.firstName = ko.observable("Bert");
    return this.lastName = ko.observable("Smith");
  }, this);

Coffeescript always returns the last statement, so you have to add a @ at the end to "return this"

viewModel = =>
  @firstName = ko.observable("Bert")
  @lastName = ko.observable("Smith")

resulting javascript

  viewModel = __bind(function() {
    this.firstName = ko.observable("Bert");
    this.lastName = ko.observable("Smith");
    return this;
  }, this);

Original Answer

I'm not sure where you are having the trouble. I put your code above into a jsfiddle and it works as expected.

Can you update the fiddle to reflect the problem you are having?


var viewModel = function() {
    this.firstName = ko.observable("Bert");
    this.lastName =ko.observable("Smith");
    this.pets = ko.observableArray(["Cat", "Dog", "Fish"]);
    this.type = "Customer";

var myViewModelInstance = new viewModel();

var jsonToPost = ko.toJSON(myViewModelInstance);

//alert(jsonToPost );


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I updated the jsfiddle, The problem is when you hit the 'submit' button in my example it is missing the email content. Do I have to add each field as a observable? – map7 Apr 27 '12 at 0:58
Also I'm using coffee script and have noticed that there is a problem when using knockout.js and coffeescript. Taking the same example and converting it to coffeescript now we get "Smith" as the output instead of the expected JSON output. – map7 Apr 27 '12 at 1:03
I added an answer with the fixed coffeescript – Jason More Apr 27 '12 at 14:01
I've changed the jsfiddle as per your improvements: If I want that email field to be in the json is it correct practice to create a ko.observable on the item? – map7 Apr 30 '12 at 0:31
Yeah, in order for the data binding to work it should be an observable. – Jason More Apr 30 '12 at 13:52

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