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I am writing this code for a CS assignment in Ruby. I am just beginning in Ruby so I don't know much about it but I keep getting a no method error from this code like this:

V:\CS 300 RubyAssignment\lib\rubyAssignment.rb:13:in `categorize': undefined method `line' for #<File:ruby1.txt (closed)> (NoMethodError)
    from V:\CS 300 RubyAssignment\lib\rubyAssignment.rb:11:in `open'
    from V:\CS 300 RubyAssignment\lib\rubyAssignment.rb:11:in `categorize'
    from V:\CS 300 RubyAssignment\lib\rubyAssignment.rb:30

The code is below but I get a feeling my text files are in the wrong place. I use a NetBeans Ruby plugin and I don't know if my text files should be in the projects source file folder, test file folder or libraries folder in netbeans? It might be as simple as that any ideas?

# This program reads a file line by line,
# separating lines by writing into certain text files.
# PPQ - Pangrams, Palindromes, and Quotes

class PPQ
  def categorize
    file_pangram ='pangram.txt', 'w')
    file_palindrome ='palindrome.txt', 'w')
    file_quotes ='quotes.txt','w')'ruby1.txt','r') do |file|
      while line = file.gets
        if(file.line.reverse == file.line)
          file_palindrome.write line
            file_pangram.write "file.line"
            file_quotes.write "file.line"
my_ruby_assignment =
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Why do you think this is not finding your file? Did you actually read the error message? – geekosaur Apr 25 '12 at 23:35
It has nothing to do with the location of the files, see my answer… – andrewdotnich Apr 25 '12 at 23:44
That's not what the error message says -- it's not that it can't find the file (if it couldn't, it wouldn't get that far), it's that your program doesn't say what you think it says! – andrewdotnich Apr 25 '12 at 23:52
@NathanielRatliff If it actually can't find the file (and I mean that it actually says exactly that), that is an entirely different and new problem. – Andrew Marshall Apr 25 '12 at 23:52
As an aside, what are you expecting file.line.contains('a'&&'b'&&'c'...) to do? – mu is too short Apr 26 '12 at 0:11
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The clue's in the error message!

undefined method line

In your while loop you're reading a line from file via gets, then storing it in line. This code:

if(file.line.reverse == file.line)

is therefore incorrect -- you don't need the file. prefix! Ruby thinks you're trying to call the line method of the file object, which it doesn't have. That's why it's giving you the error it did…

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Wait nevermind it may work now – Nathaniel Ratliff Apr 25 '12 at 23:52

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