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I have two tables:

  1. evaluation_employees Fields: id, username
  2. evaluation_results Fields: id, grade, evaluation_employee_id

In evaluation_results view I need to search the results (using the cakephp search plugin) by the employee's username, but in evaluation_results table I have the employee's id(evaluation_employee_id), not the username. I don't know how to make a link between those tables, to make it work.

Code in my view (evaluation_results/index.ctp):

echo $this->Form->create('EvaluationResult', array(
            'url' => array_merge(array('action' => 'index'), $this->params['pass'])
echo $this->Form->input('username', array('div' => false, 'empty' => true)) . '<br/><br/>';
echo $this->Form->submit(__('Search', true), array('div' => false));
echo $this->Form->end();

Code in my controller (evaluation_results_controller.php):

var $components = array('Search.Prg');
    function index() {
        $this->EvaluationResult->recursive = 0;
        $this->paginate = array(
                    'conditions' => $this->EvaluationResult->parseCriteria($this->passedArgs));
        $this->set('evaluationResults', $this->paginate());

Code in my model (evaluation_result.php):

public $actsAs = array('Search.Searchable');

    //Search fields data description for processing.
    public $filterArgs = array(
        array('name' => 'EvaluationEmployee.username', 'type' => 'query', 'method' => 'filterUsername')

    //Method as decalred in $filterArgs to process the free form search.
    public function filterUsername($data, $field = null) {
        if (empty($data['EvaluationEmployee']['username'])) {
            return array();
        $username = '%' . $data['EvaluationEmployee']['username'] . '%';
        return array(
                $this->alias . '.EvaluationEmployee.username LIKE' => $username

Please tell me if more info is needed.

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1 Answer 1

If you set up the associations in the model it will find all related records automatically when you search for an employee.

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