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I have this in my MODEL:

public Timestamp getDateadded() {
    return dateadded;

 * @param dateadded the dateadded to set
public void setDateadded(Timestamp dateadded) {
    this.dateadded = dateadded;

Which is used by my Data Access Object to get and set the time from the database:

             comment = new Comment();

After getting the values, the values are set to an arrayList which is forwarded to a page and output using JSTL.

However, I CANNOT figure out why it does not show ANY result.

DEBUGGING TRIED: I printed a non-null arrayList and got something like this [Models.Project@17735867] and when I print the value of COMMENT (the one that has error) the output of the print is just []

So that means there is an error in the arrayList.

Would any of you know what's wrong with my code?

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I have no idea how this problem is related to retrieving the timestamp. It look like that your never returned true. The problem is then not in the code shown so far at all. It's likely in the SQL string or the way how you stored/returned the list. On an unrelated note, you should not use java.sql.Timestamp in your model. Use it in DAO classes only. Use java.util.Date in your model instead. In the DAO, you can just upcast (the Timestamp is a subclass of util Date). – BalusC Apr 26 '12 at 5:43

Put debug on ResultSet, make sure its having data or its going inside while loop code?

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what do you mean put debug? i dont think rs has data because when i print the result of the array, it only has a [ ] rather than a [Models.Project@17735867] from arrays which have data. – gwafito Apr 26 '12 at 2:04
if rs is not having data..List will be empty. could you please describe the issue your facing?... – Uttesh Kumar Apr 26 '12 at 8:39

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