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I have a datagrid that users will add rows. It has a column (Text column(template column with Textbox and cell eidt temoplate)) and a combobx column.

I want to do these validations

  1. The text column should not allow duplicate values and should show a validation error.

So lets say User enters

A, Combobox Item 1 B, Combobox Item 1 C, Combobox Item 2 B, Combobox Item 3 E, Combobox Item 4

A, Combobox Item 5 -- This should show validation error

  1. the whole data should be unique :

So lets say User enters

A, Combobox Item 1 B, Combobox Item 1 C, Combobox Item 1 A, Combobox Item 2 C, Combobox Item 2

A, Combobox Item 2 -- This should show validation error

I saw the validationRule but that is for Vaidation of cell values in a single row. I couldnot find anything which validates with the existing / previous entered data.

BTW, i am using MVVM for my development.

Any suggestions ?

  • Girija
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3 Answers 3

For the first type validation since it was individual cell validation i did it using IDataErrorInfo

For the Second part i use datagRid.RowValidationRule but since i needed the collection of datagrid with current row I need to somehow pass the Collection to validationrule. So I use this as below :

  1. For Passing parameters to Validation Rule

Note : this example above pases static resources and not bindings. But it is a well explained blog.

  1. To pass binding collection i used the pattern mentioned in this blog

Hope this helps anybody who is looking for a similar issue.

  • Girija
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Using MVVM, you'll probably want to use attribute-based validation using the IDataErrorInfo interface on your row ViewModels.

For the custom validation, you can use the CustomValidationAttribute with a personalized validation method.

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datatable have this built in :) you can set constraints and you recieve validationerrors.

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