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I'm using jqgrid and I have a edit dialog coming up: I don't want the default width of 300 but instead 700.

I've search and found some examples and I changed my code to:

$("#list").navGrid('#pager', { edit: false, add: true, del: true, search: false }, {width:700}, {}, { url: "/../Invoice/DeleteInvoiceLine" });

This should change the width to 700? It doesn't?

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Although, the thread is quiet old, just wondering whether you remember it or not. This is really helpful for me but question, why you have used the { url: "/../Invoice/DeleteInvoiceLine" }. Appreciate –  Yashman Gupta Aug 8 at 11:07

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There are separate settings for Add and Edit dialog. You use edit: false, add: true options of navGrid, but set the width of the Add dialog only. If you really need to have only Add dialog

$("#grid_id").navGrid('#gridpager', { edit: false, search: false },
    {/*Edit options*/}, { width: 700 }, { url: "/../Invoice/DeleteInvoiceLine" });

To have Edit dialog only you can use

$("#grid_id").navGrid('#gridpager', { add: false, search: false },
    { width: 700 }, {/*Add options*/}, { url: "/../Invoice/DeleteInvoiceLine" });

If you need have both Add and Edit dialog with different options you should use recreateForm: true options additionally:

$("#grid_id").navGrid('#gridpager', { search: false },
    { width: 700, recreateForm: true },
    { width: 600, recreateForm: true },
    { url: "/../Invoice/DeleteInvoiceLine" });
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