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I'm getting started with backbone, I used this localStorage adapter. Here's my test code:

cartStatus = Backbone.Model.extend({
    localStorage: new Store("cartStatus"),
    currentClientId: ""

var myStatus = new cartStatus;

$(function () {
    alert("loaded" + myStatus.get("currentClientId"));
    myStatus.set({ "currentClientId": "abc" });;

If I load the page multiple times it says loaded: undefined every time. however, after my second load I would expect loaded: abc every time. when I inspect my localstorage after 2 loads I see this:

cartStatus-d2a7b64d-2f15-a741-9a8c-e254b4a13682 {"0":{"currentClientId":"abc","id":"dd5e0e47-9356-ea30-2de3-75a041848b88"},"currentClientId":"abc","id":"d2a7b64d-2f15-a741-9a8c-e254b4a13682"}
cartStatus dd5e0e47-9356-ea30-2de3-75a041848b88,d2a7b64d-2f15-a741-9a8c-e254b4a13682
cartStatus-dd5e0e47-9356-ea30-2de3-75a041848b88 {"currentClientId":"abc","id":"dd5e0e47-9356-ea30-2de3-75a041848b88"}

Does anyone know what's going wrong?

I've created a jsfiddle demonstrating this (run it twice)

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Even though it's localstorage, have you tried doing the alert in the success options for fetch? – tkone Apr 26 '12 at 20:31
The success callback is triggered (see js fiddle in edit above) – Myster Apr 30 '12 at 2:44

@tkone, you are suggesting the correct answer I think. The fetch is async, so unless you use jquery deferreds or do the model set/save in the success callback, then this will be the behavior.

cartStatus = Backbone.Model.extend({
    localStorage: new Store("cartStatus"),
    currentClientId: ""

var myStatus = new cartStatus();

$(function () {
        success: function(x) {
            document.write('myStatus.fetch - success !<br />');
            myStatus.set("currentClientId", "abc" );
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In this example, if I refresh the page 4 times I end up with 4 items in my localStorage (each subsequent verison has the previous version nested inside), where I want just the one item to be updated. – Myster May 6 '12 at 21:48

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