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In Sublime Text 2, when I have a bunch of files opening, I can go to any opened file by 3 following steps:

  1. Hit <Ctrl>+P.
  2. Enter the pattern to search for. The editor immediately display the file which match the pattern while I am typing (without hitting <Enter>).
  3. After the right file is shown, I hit <Enter> to select the file.

How can I have similar functionality in Vim to search through all buffers/tabs? I know there are plenty of plugins which allow me to search all buffers, but they are just not as simple as the above 3 steps to go to a file. I think this feature is particularly useful in navigation.

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You can either use the vim CtrlP Plugin to search through all files in your current working directory (:pwd, changed with :cd dir) or you can use the Lusty Explorer plugin to search through all open buffers in vim

With CtrlP, it you would type ctrl+p, then the file pattern, then enter (or ctrl-t to open in a new tab)

With Lusty, you would type Leader lb (leader is \ by default), type the name of the buffer you have open, and hit enter or ctrl-t

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Thanks. I got Lusty and the feature that I want is to type Leader lg. :-) –  hllau Apr 26 '12 at 3:30

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