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I'm trying to assigne a different background-color to each %li tag in my list. I'd like those colors to either use shades of a color, or gradient between two stated colors. Much like the oh-so-popular Clear. I'm familiar with the ability to lighten and darken colors with sass...

$this_color: darken($that_color, 10%)

But beyond that I don't know how to create the affect I'm looking for. Visually here is what I am trying to do:

    %li full color
    %li darken 5%
    %li darken 10%
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here is one way to do it change the colors one by one in the loop

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// set your color
$backgroundColor: red

// set the scale/increment for the function
$backgroundColorScale: 8

// number of items in your list
$numberOfItemsInList: 10

// here's a custom function to change the color
// but you could make this fairly advanced
// and shift color, saturate, etc.
@function -modify-bg($bgcolor, $counter, $depth: $backgroundColorScale)
  @return lighten($backgroundColor, ($i * $backgroundColorScale))

// here's the loop that steps through LIs and assigns each a new bg
$i: 0
@while $i < $numberOfItemsInList
    background-color: -modify-bg($backgroundColor, $i)
  $i: $i + 1
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