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I would like to stop a QPushButton from indenting when clicked and instead just change it's background colour.

Cheers in advance.

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As far as stopping the indent, I think you can do setFlat as documented here:

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This still has an indent on click. – user174084 Apr 26 '12 at 3:20

A solution, which is easy to put in place (but might not provide exactly what you want) would be to use Qt Style Sheet.

With style sheets, you can specify a background color for the pressed state of the button. Doing this will suppress the indent. For instance :

pMyPushButton->setStyleSheet("QPushButton:pressed { background-color : red; }");
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One option would be to subclass QPushButton and override its paintEvent(QPaintEvent *) method with your own implementation that gives it the look you want to give it.

Alternatively, you could create a subclass of QCommonStyle (or QWindowsStyle or etc) and pass it qApp->setStyle(), and override the drawControl() method so that when drawControl is called with element CE_PushButtonBevel, it would call up to the superclass using a separate QStyleOptionButton argument that doesn't include State_Sunken or State_On bits set. (It would probably take a bit of examination of the superclass's drawControl() method to figure out exactly what is necessary to get the effect you want).

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