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I was wondering if there's a way to evaluate an OR in a case statement, such as:

case 0 || 3:
    echo "equal to 0 or 3!";

I tried || a little while back and it didn't seem to work for me, and a google didn't prove helpful.
I'm just wondering about this because there have been a few situations where an or operator in a case would have been very useful...
Any help is appreciated.

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When working with logical and comparison operators that resolve to a boolean, you can use switch(true) (or really, any "true" value, due to non-strictness of checking with switch) in circumstances where you want the first true case.

    case ($foo >= 0):
    case ($bar <= 0):
    case ($baz == 0):
    case ($foo > $bar && $bar < $baz):

However there are syntactic alternatives that may prove more readable, or provide more control.

As @alex points out, if you're looking to have multiple cases resolve to the same code block, you can stack them and let them fall through.

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You can let cases fall through.

case 0:
case 3:
   echo "equal to 0 or 3!";

Many style guides do not recommend this.

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Many style guides are wrong, then, about this specific case. In general, though, taking advantage of fallthrough makes things much harder to follow. If you have anything (without a break) in between the two cases, repent now. :) –  cHao Apr 26 '12 at 3:48

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