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I am writing an algorithm in c++ and I have a master and a sub problem. So I call cplex solver twice. The first time is when I call it solve the master problem and here is my code for that:

IloModel model_master(env);

definition of obj and constraints

IloCplex cplex_master(env);

But it doesn't work! when I put cout<<"1" << endl; after IloCplex cplex_master(env); it does not print it.

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and if you put the cout << "before cplex" << endl; just before the IloCplex cplex_master(env); do you see that? Are you getting an IloException? – David Nehme Apr 26 '12 at 4:54
Yes, I see that. The error is Unhandled exception at 0x758cb9bc in For-Calling-Cplex.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: IloCplex::Exception at memory location 0x0026fb6c.. – Anna Apr 26 '12 at 5:16

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Wrap your function call in a try/catch block.

try {
   // ...
} catch (IloException &ex) {
   cerr << ex << endl;

You likely don't have the Ilm key set up on the machine you are trying to running cplex on.

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