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I want to write code on Refresh button click of JQGrid. Is there any event for that?

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If you need to do some actions before refresh will be started you should use beforeRefresh callback:

$("#grid_id").jqGrid('navGrid', '#gridpager', {
    beforeRefresh: function () {
        // some code here

If you need absolute another implementation of grid Refreshing where you will not call $("#grid_id").trigger("reloadGrid"); (which sound strange) you can do this by the usage of refresh: false option to remove the standard Refresh button and using navButtonAdd to add your custom button which looks exactly like the original one:

$("#grid_id").jqGrid('navGrid', '#gridpager', {refresh: false});
$("#grid_id").jqGrid('navButtonAdd', "#gridpager", {
     caption: "", title: "Reload Grid", buttonicon: "ui-icon-refresh",
     onClickButton: function () {
         alert('"Refresh" button is clicked!');
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Thank you! I needed it too. This doesn't clone the icon to the top nav bar even if I have cloneToTop set to true. I have custom save implementation on the grid where I push all the changes to the server at the end on an external button click. I needed this implementation to warn users of any unsaved changes (and probably stop refresh depending on response) when they try to reload the grid using the refresh icon. I dont get any option with beforeRefresh function to stop from refreshing the grid...odd!! – justcurious Apr 26 '12 at 18:20
@justcurious: You are welcome! I understand your problem with stopping of Refresh process. What you can do is to usage beforeRequest callback. If you would return false from the callback you can stop the refreshing. For example if you use paging of data and the user click on the column sorting you can have the same problem like with refreshing. The usage of beforeRequest seem to me could be the solution of such problems. If you have two pager and want to add some button to both pagers you should just call navButtonAdd twice (see the answer). – Oleg Apr 26 '12 at 18:26
sweet..that was a quick reply! both your ideas are good. Thanks! – justcurious Apr 26 '12 at 18:41
@justcurious: You are welcome! – Oleg Apr 26 '12 at 18:53
@justcurious: It's correct. One extended the beforeRequest callback later. You can modify the code of grid.base.js or jquery.jqGrid.src.js. You should just search for; and replace it with new code var bfr =; if(bfr === undefined) { bfr = true; } if ( bfr === false ) { return; } – Oleg Apr 26 '12 at 20:32

The css for refresh button is ui-icon-refresh

so you can write your custom code on this css like

  // do your work
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