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I need help to setup or write a software (preferably in Delphi) to capture "BACNET alarms" from devices for my research project. The partner facility is using Siemens controllers. Please note that I have almost no knowledge of BACNET or building controllers.

However, I have worked on SNMP previously. Can BACNET devices send the equivalent of SNMP Traps to my server IP address? Or do I need to query the BACNET devices individually for their values, the equivalent of SNMP GET?

Also, I can't imagine how BACNET devices can send alarms to my server. Do they have ethernet ports or they need to be connected to some "ethernet bridge" device? If so, I presume I will need to procure that "ethernet bridge" device?

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BACnet (Building Automation Control network) is a protocol all it's own comprised of several different possible data link layers (EIA-485 (MS/TP), Ethernet (8802-3), BACnet/IP (UDP), and others). The application layer of BACnet is comprised of several services and various objects and properties.

The "equivalent" of traps in BACnet is the unconfirmed event notification service, which devices may use to broadcast events/alarms.

To capture these events, you'll either need software that runs on the appropriate data link layer or additional hardware that routes between the data link layer of the Siemens controllers and the data link of your software. This is referred to as a BACnet router in the industry. A common application for these routers is to route to & from MS/TP and BACnet/IP. This is what you're referring to as a "bridge".

There are several commercial products that do what you want. For instance, the PolarSoft product, BACbeat, will do exactly what you need. BACbeat can run on any of the BACnet data link layers, but, for MS/TP you'll need a USB to EIA-485 adapter.

Disclaimer: I'm an employee of PolarSoft, but we're one of only a few companies that makes these product available directly to end users like you.

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You could purchase a "protocol translator" to convert BACnet to SNMP from someone like Won't be cheap, but perhaps you could ask for an academic discount in return for writing a white paper for them. Ed

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