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I have drawn my answers in paint, are they correct?

(4c) For the alphabet {0, 1} construct finite state automata corresponding to each of the following regular expressions:

(i) 0


(ii) 1 | 0


(iii) 0 * (1 | 0)


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The first two are correct, although the first one might be able to be written as (depending on your convention)

(0) -- 0 --> ((1))

The last one is also correct, but can be simplified to (whenever you have ε appearing, there is likely to be a way to compress the edges and states together to remove it)

  +- 0 -+
  |     |
  v     |
 (0) ---+
 / \ 
1   0
 \ / 

(Excuse my ascii diagrams. I'm using (..) for each state, and ((..)) for final states.)

Notice that the 0* is basically a loop from a state to itself, since after reading a 0 the remaining regex to match is the same (as long as we aren't at the end of a string).

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thank you for your clear explanations and further insight. –  Danny Rancher Apr 26 '12 at 5:49

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