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i want to make a custom form in drupal 7 which should contain fields like firstname,lastname, date of birth, phone, email and other fields. i download the webform module, install and enable it.

I saw in a video tutorial that there is a Form Component Tab from which we can create our form fields. But when i try to create a form it will not show me the form components tab. i find it every where but no form component tab. can any body plz help me so that i can create my custom form

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Follow the instructions here:

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Can you add the basic idea from that link? That way, if the link rots, your answer will still be useful to others finding this question. – Jeroen Oct 11 '12 at 19:03

I encountered with the same problem today. Didn't see the sub-tab containing [ *Form Components *E-mails *Form Settings] under Webform.

This happens when your theme is a little buggy or the Drupal 7 link overlay hides them.


  • Try using webform by disabling the overlay (in the module section), or
  • Change your theme to Garland or Bartik for ADMIN AREA only.

Hope this helps!

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