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I'm using storyboard to develop my app, and the initial view controller is a Tab Bar Controller. At the AppDelegate I did some thing work to get the jsonData from my website. It will take 10-20 seconds . You know, I want to do something to notice user is loading, not just showing a default.png picture. How can I do it?

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Well, you can have your rootViewController have a loading state (maybe an UIActivityIndicatorView on top of the other views and some public methods like showLoading and hideLoading.

Steps :

  1. In the AppDelegate application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method, build your rootView controller as usual and call your method that loads the JSON files.
  2. Call the showLoading method when you're starting the request
  3. Call the hideLoading method when you receive the response.

Also, remember to use asynchronous request or make it in a different thread to prevent blocking the main thread.

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