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Private Sub importClipboard_Click()
    Dim data As Collection
    data = getClipboardData() something...
End Sub

Function getClipboardData() As Collection something...    
End Function

I am getting an "Argument not optional" compile error on the line:

data = getClipboardData()

What am I doing wrong? There no arguments to the getClipboardData() function - so how can I be missing one?

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It's a bad error message, but your problem is a common one - you've got to put Set data = getClipboardData() as you're returning an object.

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Also, where (sometimes) I have copied a function, although I rename the function itself, and its calling line, sometimes I forget to rename the Return Parameter Assignment within the code. Then you get this "Argument not optional".

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I know this is going to sound crazy, but it has happened to me before.

Is it possible that you have declared another function with the same name?

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