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In Hadoop we always putting input file manually through -put command. Is there any way we can automate this process ?

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There is no automated process of inputing a file into the Hadoop filesystem. However, it is possible to -put or -get multiple files with one command.

Here is the website for the Hadoop shell commands

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I am not sure how many files you are dropping into HDFS, but one solution for watching for files and then dropping them in is Apache Flume. These slides provide a decent intro.

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Hi Matt, I m getting every minute a new file and theses files are very small in size so i have to merge these files and sent to hdfs for every half an hour interval. – pawanpal Apr 27 '12 at 5:01

You can thing of automatic this process with Fabric library and python. Write hdfs put command in a function and you can call it for multiple file and perform same operations of multiple hosts in network. Fabric should be really helpful to automate in your scenario.

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