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I have to display dates on x-axis according to dates coming in following code:


WHERE ticks1 contain dates.

I want to draw dateaxis chart in jqplot

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What are ptt and ntt? Can you please provide more code, jsfiddle (jsfiddle.net) preferably, so we can see what you did so far? – Boro Apr 27 '12 at 9:17

Are you missing var in your for loop, forgive me if I'm wrong. I think your ptt and ntt is two different series and if you want the code for this type check the 3rd example in the following link:- http://www.jqplot.com/tests/line-charts.php.

you will have to add the data[] thing like this

var ptt = [];

for (var i=0;i

var ntt = []; for (var i=0;i

and ..

  var plot3 = $.jqplot('chart3', [ntt, ptt],
{ //option string});

also you need to add the data render too

title:'Default Date Axis',
series:[{lineWidth:4, markerOptions:{style:'square'}}]


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