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I've created a Jasper report which uses OCR strings. The font used is "OCR A Std" wich comes preinstalled with Windows 7. I've packed it in a font-extension jar together with other fonts I'm using. Exporting to PDF works fine, no problem there, the only thing is, it seems I cannot use some extra OCR characters.

Specifically, I need the OCR Hook, OCR Chair and OCR Fork characters. In the font specs the characters have unicode codes U+2440, U+2441 and U+2442. The same information I get in Microsoft Word, when trying to insert special symbol.

If I try to use those characters to output them, I get an empty string.

    <parameter name="ocr-codes" class="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="false">

After some experimenting I got to OCR Chair and OCR Fork characters with (char)240 and (char)254 but cannot find OCR Hook character.

The encoding I'm using throughout the project is UTF-8.

Any ideas why the characters are not accessible via unicode or which is the correct code for the third character?

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Well, in the meantime I've found a TTF with the characters positioned according to the specs. – Andraz Apr 26 '12 at 8:08

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