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I have extended jquery to have a returnPress event handler like this:

jQuery.fn.returnPress = function(x) {
    return this.each(function() {
        jQuery(this).keypress(function(e) {
            if((e.which && e.which == 13) || (e.keyCode && e.keyCode == 13)) {
                return false;
            } else {
                return true;

I can use the above like this in my views:


However i want to use it inside the Backbone View's event hash like this:

events : { "returnPress #inputId" : "doSomething" }

Is this possible? What am i missing?

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Events hash is taking the events which you can bind with on, so the events hash is doig the same as:

this.$('#inputId').on ('returnPress', function(){
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So is there a way to make it work with events : { "returnPress #inputId " : "doSomething" } ? – GautamBorad Apr 26 '12 at 8:31
You can make it work with a little bit different perspective of your jQuery extension ... look @ – drinchev Apr 26 '12 at 9:29

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