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There is a problem in my application,I want to use the seekTo() function with VideoView like this:


It works well in android 2.2,but doesn't work in android 2.3 or higher version... Some body will tell me why?It troubles me for serval days.

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are you sure you're waiting for long enough to decide that it's not working? on one of my LG phones, for example, seekTo takes like forever. whereas on my other LG phone, it's actually not that bad –  David T. Nov 4 '13 at 23:51

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The call to VideoView.start() should be made only after the seek has completed. The call to VideoView.seekTo() initiates a seek but unfortunately VideoView does not support OnSeekCompleteListener needed to notify the seek is actually done.

You can customize VideoView to support OnSeekCompleteListener as shown in my answer to 7990784.

Then you can register to receive onSeekComplete() by calling setOnSeekCompleteListener(). Your implementation of the listener should then call VideoView.start().

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In order to seekTo() to work , the video should be in PlaybackState.

See the VideoView source here for more information.

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I had some problem but I solve it.

videoView.seekTo(videoView.getDuration() - myDesirePosition);

It is weird but works for me.

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I had this problem when I played video by url in android.media.VideoView with custom media controller. Finally I found solution. I used VideoView class from Vitamio library.


It works perfectly for me. But it's for Android 4 and higher. But limited usage time for standart edition is twelve months.

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