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I have a string like this - "[A]16 and 5th and A[20] and 15"

I need to takes values [A]16, 5, A[20], 15. (digits and also [A], if that exists)

I'm using C#.

 string[] numbers = Regex.Split("[A]16 and 5th and [A]20 and 15", @"\D+");

the code below will give me only digits. But I need also [A] in font of digits (if it exists).

Please, could you help me.

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will you have only [A] or [B] [C] etc also –  nagarajub Apr 26 '12 at 7:58
In two early examples in your question you use both [A]16 and A[20] (two different formats), but in the code, you use [A]16 [A]20 (same format). If you want a good answer, you've got a ask a good question -- is there a [B] or [C] or [G]? or is there only [A]? can it be either A[200] or [A]200?... will you ever even return to this site to read this comment/question? –  Code Jockey Apr 26 '12 at 10:43

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The more generic pattern could be:


[[A-Z]][0-9]       - matches [Letter from A-Z]Number          example: [A]10
or |[A-Z]\[[0-9]+] - matches Letter from A-Z[Number]          example: A[10]
or |[0-9]+         - matches Numers from 1-N                  example: 5, or 15
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Use this pattern: @"(\[A\])?\d+" if there are only [A]s.
If you have also [B], [C]... you can use this pattern: @"(\[[A-Z]\])?\d+"

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You can use this pattern:

string lordcheeto = @".*?(\[A\]\d+|\d+|A\[\d+\]).*?";

It will also trim the junk from the matches you want. Although, due to the way Split works, there will be empty strings in the array. As for the seemingly requisite general case, you can use this:

string lordcheeto = @".*?(\[[A-Z]\]\d+|\d+|[A-Z]\[\d+\]).*?";


using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

namespace RegExIssues
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Properly escaped to capture matches.
            string lordcheeto = @".*?(\[A\]\d+|\d+|A\[\d+\]).*?";
            string input = "[A]16 and 5th and A[20] and 15";

            executePattern("lordcheeto's", input, lordcheeto);


        static void executePattern(string version, string input, string pattern)
            // Avoiding repitition for this example.
            Console.WriteLine("Using {0} pattern:", version);

            // Needs to be trimmed.
            var result = Regex.Split(input.Trim(), pattern);

            // Pipe included to highlight empty strings.
            foreach (var m in result)
                Console.WriteLine("|{0}", m);

            // Extra space.




Using lordcheeto's pattern:


If you need anything more or this breaks with other strings, let me know and I can probably modify it.

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Try this :


Demo :


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