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What I'm trying to achieve here is to read the y-axis values of the gyroscope and use that to control the CSS of some images in HTML.

So my HTML/CSS looks something like the following:


<div id="images">
   <img id="img01" class="imgblock" src="images/img01.jpg"/>
   <img id="img02" class="imgblock" src="images/img02.jpg"/>
   <img id="img03" class="imgblock" src="images/img03.jpg"/>
   <img id="img04" class="imgblock" src="images/img04.jpg"/>
   <img id="img05" class="imgblock" src="images/img05.jpg"/>

So what's supposed to happen here is that when I tilt the iPhone to -45 degrees along the y-axis (towards the left), it is suppose to set the display:block to <img id="img01" class="imgblock" src="images/img01.jpg"/> and display:none to the rest of the images. And if I tilt it towards the right a little such that the orientation is now -27 degrees along the y-axis, display:block will be set to <img id="img02" class="imgblock" src="images/img02.jpg"/> and display:none will be set to the rest of the images.

I have done some research into this and stumbled a brilliant article here but am not too sure how to implement the codes into mine. I have tried implementing it this way but it isn't working:

window.ondeviceorientation = function(event) {
    gamma = Math.round(event.gamma);    
    gamma = Math.round(event.beta); 
    if (gamma = -45){
        $("#img02, #img03, #img04, #img05").css({"display":"none"})
    } elseif (gamma = -27) {
        $("#img01, #img03, #img04, #img05").css({"display":"none"})

I'm pretty certain that I messed badly somewhere above. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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It appears you're overwriting your gamma value with beta in the second line of your event handler:

gamma = Math.round(event.beta); 
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